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The Tier Operators are what we call REDCON1's affiliate program. We have a solid community of motivated individuals who help us spread the word about REDCON1 supplements and apparel. We offer rewards, recognition, and incentives for being a member of the Tier Operators. Everyone has the potential to earn free products, free apparel, free accessories, and even get paid for telling their friends about REDCON1!
So how it all works: you bring customers to purchase REDCON1 and we give you rewards for it.
There is no purchase required of you, no fees that you need to pay. Just bring in customers and you get free stuff!
We’ll even provide you with content, images, graphics, and info that you can use to post on your own social media.
When you join we’ll create a unique tracking link and discount code that you can share. You’ll have access to a personalized dashboard where you can track your progress and see what rewards you’ve earned.
In addition to earning rewards, the Tier Operators are also a friendly community with lots of communication! Friendships and relationships have been formed. Members help each other with everything from physical training tips, nutrition advice, encouragement to attain personal goals, and tips on how to find success within the program. If you like REDCON1 then you definitely need to join the Tier Operators!
The next step is to check out the website where you can find full details about the program, and also the registration page!

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