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How do I find my order history?

You can easily view your past orders and subscriptions in the Order History inside Your Account.

How do I cancel or edit my order?

Please get in touch with our Customer Support Team if you need to edit or make changes to your order after it has been submitted. We may be able to make the necessary changes without canceling the order. Within minutes of submitting your order, our w

Missing or Damaged Item?

Thank you for bringing to our attention that something is missing or arrived damaged. While we take great care in packaging and shipping your items to ensure their safe arrival, we understand that accidents can occur. Certainly, we would be happy to


Returns/Exchange. To get the return process started, please go to our return portal and follow the steps here:

Product Quality

Did You Receive Your Product Clumpy or Hardened?. During transport, humidity can cause our product to solidify or clump the powder. Kindly respond to the following questions about the product issue so we can arrange for a replacement tub to be sent t

Decision Manager

Order has been rejected by the Decision Manager?. We implemented an enhanced security upgrade for payment methods on our website. As part of this upgrade, it is now mandatory for the billing address to match the address associated with the card being